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    Lovely Cherry Toilet Brush

    $18.89 $29.99

     Lovely Cherry Toilet Brush Is The Perfect Addition To Your Home!

    A boring toilet brush can ruin your bathroom’s decor.

    Ditch your old toilet brush and give your bathroom a stunning upgrade with this Cherry Toilet Brush. Complete with a holder that’s shaped like a shiny, plump cherry, this toilet brush features a gorgeous, curved green stem. The super fun design hides away your toilet brush and also adds a little burst of color to your bathroom.

    But, it’s not just a cute piece of decor, the durable round-bristle brush allows you to clean your toilet thoroughly. The soft, flexible bristles easily contour to all of the curves of the toilet effortlessly, without leaving any spot behind.

    ✔️ Sleek and simple, practical and beautiful.

    ✔️ High quality thick brush head. More thorough cleaning without damaging the ceramic surface.

    ✔️ Long anti-sliding handle for easy cleaning.

    ✔️ Easily fits in any bathroom.

    Add sunshine and vitality to the bathroom.

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